How Stress Free STD Testing Works

We make STD testing convenient, with over 2,000 service centers. We are located inside Our Stress Free Testing Centers because they provide completely confidential STD testing. Not even the specialists at Our Stress Free Testing Centers know what you're being tested for. Moreover, the only samples Our Stress Free Testing Centers needs are a urine sample and/or a small blood draw. The entire STD testing process only takes 5 minutes!

STD testing procedure

STEP 1: Find A Test Center

First find the nearest patient service center by visiting our ORDER page and entering your zip code in the Find Location search box and click FIND LOCATION. Our website will generate a list of the closest locations. Then choose the location you wish to visit by clicking "TAKE TEST HERE".

STEP 2: Order Your Test

Your STD testing options will be displayed after you have chosen the center you would like to visit. Select an STD testing package from our STD testing panels by clicking on the testing panel or choose a customized STD test by checking the Individual Tests. You can then securely order your STD test online with a credit or debit card. Once your order is received, our website will generate a receipt which you will take with you to our any of our patient service centers. No appointment is needed and you can proceed directly to the patient service center the same day your order.

If you are unsure about which STD testing panel to choose,use our Stress Free STD Test Recommender. If you have had recent sexual exposure in the last 90 days please call and speak with one of our counselors to ensure the proper STD test is administered. We also have care counselors available by online chat or phone at 1-888-978-3435 to help with your STD testing purchasing decisions.

STEP 3: Visit Our Center

Next visit one of our patient service centers and have your specimen collected. The only document you will need to bring is the order receipt our website generates. There is no appointment necessary, no swabbing and the collection process only takes five minutes. The specimen collection consists of a urine collect and/or a small blood draw.

STEP 4: Receive Your Results

Results will be available within 24 to 72 hours after your STD testing specimen collection has been collected. Please call us at to receive your results.


STEP 5: Free Consultation (if needed)

Should the results from your STD testing be positive, we will provide you with a free consultation from one of our care counselors. A nurse will consult with you over to the phone to explain your STD testing results, answer your questions, and advise you on treatment options. We also provide prescriptions for some of the STIs.

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