HIV 1/2 Testing

HIV 1/2 Anti-body Testing, Reflex Western Blot Confirmation - $119.00

What do I need to know about HIV 1/2 testing?
An antibody test is the most common type of test used to diagnose HIV 1/2 in individuals. This test shows whether a person has been infected with HIV 1/2 by looking for HIV 1/2 antibodies in a person's blood. When HIV 1/2 enters a person's body, special proteins are produced, which are known as antibodies. Antibodies are the body's response to an infection. So if a person has specific antibodies against HIV 1/2 in their blood, it means they have been infected with HIV 1/2.

What is a Reflex Western Blot Confirmation?
The Western blot test is used as a confirmatory test in the US; this test confirms any positive test results from the HIV 1/2 test.  This test comes at no cost to you.  Test can separately detect antibodies to various HIV 1/2 proteins. If several types of antibodies are detected then the result is positive; if no antibodies are detected then the result is negative.

What kind of sample is necessary for HIV 1/2 testing?
A small blood sample is drawn at one of our Patient Service Centers.

Any test preparation needed?
No preparation is needed for this test.

What does my HIV 1/2 test result mean?
A healthy individual has no antibodies to HIV 1/2. However, a negative screening test means only that there is no evidence of disease at the time of the test. It is important for those who are at increased risk of HIV 1/2 infection to have screening tests performed on a regular basis to check for possible exposure to the virus.

If you test positive for HIV 1/2 antibodies on both the ELISA (HIV 1/2 – Anti-body test) and the Western Blot tests, you are considered to be infected with HIV 1/2. HIV 1/2 cannot be cured, but early diagnosis allows for treatment that can help to suppress levels of virus in your body (viral load) and slow progression of the disease.

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